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Business Loans and Business Accounts
The Start of a new calendar year provides business owners and consumers hope that good fortunes will come their way.   To help good fortunes to come, business owners need to review their existing business plans to help navigate their business to make sure they have the buying power and staying power needed to sustain their growth in 2014, and the years to come. <READ MORE>
Commercial Loans

As we approach year end many business owners have begun thinking about their business plans for the upcoming year. For many businesses, those plans may include expanding its operations; purchasing or leasing new or expanded facilities; adding a new line of products or services; taking on new or expanded contracts; or replacing equipment that has become outdated or obsolete. These plans often lead to short term working capital needs in order to preserve liquidity and cash flow over an operating cycle. The need to make larger capital investments leads to the need to spread the cost of these investments over several operating cycles through longer term financing. Often times, an opportunity may present itself to refinance existing debt on more favorable terms (i.e. rate, structure).<READ MORE>

Steven Brown will be joining the Banks’ leadership team

Horizon Community Bank is pleased to announce that Steven Brown will be joining the Banks’ leadership team as Market President for the upper Mohave County region.

Horizon Community Bank is a locally owned with entities along the Colorado River as well as in Kingman and Maricopa County. The Bank prides itself on building lasting relationships with its clients and offers long term solutions for their banking and financial needs. <READ MORE>

HCB Now Offers Competitive Equipment Leasing Programs
Since its inception, one of the principal missions of Horizon Community Bank (“HCB”) has been to serve the needs of small business owners in the Arizona markets in which it operate.  If you are a business owner, regardless of the industry sector in which you operate, you likely have some kind of equipment need that allows you to deliver your products or services to your clients.  For many businesses, its equipment is essential to its success.  During 2011 equipment purchases increased significantly as over $1.2 trillion in equipment was acquired in the U.S., of which $628 billion was financed.  Of that, over 60% ($376 billion) was leased.  The primary reason for the increased volume of equipment purchase is business owners are addressing the issue of aging equipment. <READ MORE>
STAR News Article

In the last few years, both banks and credit unions have offered rewards checking accounts with terrific interest rates.  While the interest rates have dwindled in our economy, these rewards accounts are still very appealing.

Horizon Community Bank offers a STAR Reward Checking Account for individuals who are looking to earn interest on their checking account and desire the convenience of internet banking paired with the use of a debit card for making purchases. 

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Home Mortgages

As a community bank, Horizon Community Bank is committed to providing mortgage related products and services to the markets in which we operate, including all of Mohave County as well as the greater Phoenix Arizona market. Over the last three years, we have repositioned our mortgage division to be more responsive to our clients’ needs by hiring additional staff with over 25 years of experience. In addition we have invested resources in technology and systems in order to better serve our valued customers and provide fast, competitively priced mortgage options.

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Spending Solutions – Do You Have What It Takes?

We receive frequent reminders that our economy is still not where we would like it to be. It maybe the soft labor market or perhaps the latest consumer confidence survey. Traditionally, increased spending by consumers and businesses are a reflection of growing confidence, which can serve to improve our weakened economy. Either way, most people would agree that general economic conditions are still soft...

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Business Loans and Business Accounts

Its mid-year and we still receive frequent reminders that our economy is still not where we would like it to be. It maybe the soft labor market, or perhaps the latest consumer confidence survey. Either way, most people would agree that general economic conditions are still soft. That’s why it is important to review all of your Bank Accounts and Loans to make sure that you have the buying power and staying power to sustain your growth for the remainder of 2013 and the years to come.

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Getting Your SBA or Small Business Loan Request Approved!
Intuit's research is based on interviews with small business owners seeking credit and the banks and lenders who can provide it. And, while they note that credit will remain tight, they suggest that businesses ‘...that can demonstrate the ability to manage assets and cash flow will find credit is still available, although not unlimited.’

Combine this research with the steady flow of new and revised loan programs that have come out of the Small Business Administration (SBA), and it could just be the right time for many small business owners to seek funding from the credit markets once more. <Read More>
May 2013 Mortgage Minute
It’s already April and 2013 is shaping up to be an even better year than 2012 for the mortgage department here at Horizon Community Bank. We have doubled our staffing within the last four months and expect to increase our mortgage originations significantly throughout the rest of 2013. In our continued efforts to improve customer service we have hired additional processing staff and opened a mortgage production office in the Bella Plaza on Mesquite Avenue in Lake Havasu City. HCB already services our primary markets in Lake Havasu City, Parker, Fort Mohave/Bullhead City, Quartzsite and immediately... <Read More>
Investing your Tax Refund

Once again it’s that time of year when tax season is upon us. You may already be making plans for that refund and thinking of all the things you can do with that money. As for others, you may not have planned well or life got in the way. Now you are not exactly sure how you are going to make ends meet. to more saving.

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Are you saving as much as you would like?

There are plenty of reasons to open a savings account: Emergencies, large purchases, vacations, college tuition, Christmas, or simply to lay a foundation for your long-term financial stability.

One of the first steps to saving is spending less. Realizing how much you spend in certain areas encourages you to make changes like not eating out or shopping less regularly. Those small purchases add up. Monitoring your expenses ultimately leads to more saving. <Read More>

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