Business Line of Credit

When a business seeks financing for small purchases or flexible spending needs, such as seasonal inventory purchases or payroll shortages, a business line of credit (LOC) can be ideal.

We have both traditional LOCs and a streamlined business quick loan option that can be approved and funded in less than 48 hours. Once the line of credit is approved, the funds are available for use at your discretion. It’s cash on demand.

The interest rates are often lower than credit cards, but offer similar flexibility in how the funds are withdrawn or spent.

Ask us for details, or apply online.

HCB offers lines of credit based on creditworthiness and other factors. Discounts may apply on loans connected to other HCB accounts.

Click on an icon below if you’re ready to apply, or click on the above link to learn more about the differences!

online business quick loan
apply for a conventional business line of credit LOC

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