Business Term Loans in Arizona

Looking for a business term loan to cover a major investment? Horizon Community Bank offers fixed and adjustable interest rate loans for virtually any length of time, short- or long-term.

Because we’re a commercial bank rather than retail, we also offer custom lending packages to cover more creative funding challenges. Why have two separate loans when total funding can be wrapped up into one tidy loan package? We focus on what works best for you, rather than a product.

An example of a customized lending package might include a short-term loan to purchase land and pay for building construction, a bridge loan to cover expenses until tenants fill the vacant offices, then rolling both loans into a commercial mortgage for long-term financing.  

As a locally owned and operated bank, we specialize in helping our local business community grow. Your success is ours.


A short-term business loan typically has repayment terms of one-to-five years, but can be financed for as little as three months.

Although final details depend on the structure of the loan, a short-term loan often includes a personal guarantee to repay the loan and does not require collateral.


Long-term business loans often range from five to fifteen years, paid in monthly installments, and require a down payment and (often) some form of collateral. They might be used to fund a commercial real estate business or construction, expansion or purchase of a business, or expensive, durable equipment.

Because of the large dollar amount funded, they often impact a business’s ability to take on further debt.

If you’re interested in a business term loan, we’re happy to discuss your needs. Call or come in today!

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