Why risk the Wild Wild West of internet lending, when you can partner with a local bank?

Extremely fast funding from non-bank lenders can be risky due to a lack of federal compliance and regulation that protects the borrower. Plus, borrowing from a local community bank gives you that face-to-face relationship businesses need for long-term success.

No complex paperwork, no lengthy waiting period and no business financial statements required to secure the loan. Apply for a renewable line of credit up to $50,000 for your business today – just click here to launch the online quick loan process now!

* Businesses are required to have an existing business checking account (at any bank) to qualify, along with an appropriate credit score. Lower interest rates apply for those with a Horizon Community Bank business checking account.

apply for an online quick loan


What is a quick loan? Our online business quick loans offer a streamlined process with minimal paperwork. Once an application is submitted online, borrowers are approved or declined for the line of credit in less than 24 hours and, if approved, funds are available within 48 hours.

What kind of terms do you offer? Our online quick loan terms are highly competitive – click here to visit the loan application website and learn more. As with most business quick loans, the fast approval process and minimal paperwork means the bank does a less detailed exploration of credit history, assets and borrower finances, and collateral is not required. This is reflected in a competitive interest rate that is slightly higher than a conventional business loan, which can take weeks or months to process.

What is the difference between a non-bank lender and a bank? Non-bank lenders are not subject to the same Federal regulations, government oversight and legal protections that banks are required to abide by. If using an online lender, it’s especially important to perform due diligence on the lender, as well as the loan product, so the borrower understands exactly what he/she is and is not getting when they apply. Online lenders can also be very difficult to establish human-to-human contact due to automated processes and cloud-based software. If they only offer online products and do not have a local brick-and-mortar location, the lender might not offer the same level of relationship and expertise that a local bank can offer. This can be very important for the long-term success of a business, since only a banker with a deeper level of understanding and communication can offer Right Financing, instead of the product du jour.

What are the benefits of conventional line of credit versus the business quick loan? Because it requires more formalized processes and discovery around the business and the borrower(s), conventional business line of credit loans often provide a lower interest rate and longer payoff term than a quick loan for business. The lower the risk to the bank, the lower the interest rate.

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