Small Business Administration Guaranteed Loans

We offer a variety of SBA loans at Horizon Community Bank. From micro-loans under $50,000 to 7(a) general loans, real estate and equipment loans, and more. HCB has money to lend and would like to assist you.

While not the only loans we offer, common SBA loan programs include the options below. Talk to one of our bankers today to learn more!


The most common SBA loan, 7(a) loans must meet a number of SBA criteria, including status as a “for profit” company, have a certain amount of invested equity in the business, meet the SBA definition of a “small business” and more. Learn more at or by talking to one of our bankers.


Loans under $50,000 might qualify for the SBA Microloan program, intended for use as working capital, furniture, machinery or equipment, and inventory. Most commonly around $13,000, microloans cannot be used to pay existing debts or purchase real estate.


Companies with net worth under $15 million and an average net income less than $5.0 million who want to purchase real estate, improvements to their real estate, or long-term machinery and equipment may be interested in the CDC/504 SBA loan program.

How do SBA loans differ from our term loans?

SBA loans must be approved by both the bank and the SBA, and can have fairly robust application requirements. It can also take more time for that paperwork to be processed. The terms of an SBA loan can sometimes be more attractive than a non-SBA guaranteed loan, but it’s smart to explore both options.

Did you know the SBA doesn’t loan money? It’s essentially a form of bank insurance.

The Small Business Administration loan program encourages banks to work with small businesses that might not otherwise qualify by guaranteeing a certain percentage of the loan in case of default.

No matter what type of loan brings you in the door, we’ll ensure you consider the right choices based on your individual needs.

Trust HCB to learn your goals and explain borrowing options, so you can make an educated, smart decision about the future of your business.

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