Certificate of Deposit (CD) Rates

Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates traditionally offer a higher rate of interest than savings and money market accounts. Ask for our current rate and terms available!

CDs are an excellent way to build wealth with minimum opening balances of $1,000 and maturities ranging from seven days to five years.

Your return will be your original deposit, PLUS the interest you earn. Interest rates are influenced by the length of time you agree to leave your money on deposit.

  • Minimum balance to open the account: $1,000
  • Interest bearing account, fixed or variable rate
  • Maturity terms between 7 days to 5 Years
  • Automatic renewal
  • Interest payments accumulate in the CD, can be automatically deposited to a HCB account or paid out by check
  • Variable rate CDs allow additional deposits during the term
  • Certain restrictions and early withdrawal penalties apply.

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